Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Clarendon: Z Burger

Apparently, I am determined to clog my arteries by going to two burger places in one week. I have driven by Z Burger a bunch of times; curiosity rising each time I did. Fate seemed to agree with me so when I saw a Groupon for Z Burger, I quickly snatched it up.
The setup is very similar to Five Guys when it comes to placing your order. You make your selections for the basic burger foundation (single/double, cheese/no cheese, bacon/no bacon) and then you pick your toppings.
My friend and I both ordered single bacon cheeseburgers with toppings of our choice. While the burger itself was a bit too bland for my liking, the toppings were delicious and very fresh.
We also split an order of ½ fries ½ onion rings. Both were decent; the batter on the onion rings was tasty and the onions stayed in the batter when you bit into them (if you ever had that moment where you found yourself holding a hollow piece of fried batter, you would understand why this is a KEY factor of Onion Ring Evaluation). The fries were standard and a little dry, but dipping them in ketchup made up for it.
Taste wise, this place does not really stand out on its own compared to local burger joints in the area. Although Z Burger is not quite my new "go-to" burger place, I will point out that that pricewise, Z Burger is good and pretty comparable to mainstream fast food franchises (ie: McDonald's, Burger King, etc.) but offers better taste and quality in their food.
Would I come back??? Maybe. If I needed a late night bite or milk shake.

3325 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA
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  1. Ramona WNovember 2, 2013 at 4:50 AM

    I'm glad they are friendly on the pocket... We always dine out as four... so it gets expensive.